Meet the team
Meet the team

Our team consists of Margaret Duncan (Principal Lawyer) and Lee Smart (Practice Manager).

Marg and Lee met at their son’s special school one morning during school camp drop-off. Their sons were classroom friends and thought it would be a good idea to get to know one another.

Marg was taking the leap and starting her own legal practice and Lee was looking for a new challenge. A friendship and then a working relationship formed and Lee came to work with Marg in early 2015. The business began in the front 2 rooms of Marg’s home in Surrey Hills.

With the circles in which they moved, they found that their ‘tribe’ began to come to them. Marg and Lee were soon supporting numerous families with their disability Estate Planning and this became, and continues to be, their focus and direction.

Today, over 60% of Duncan.Legal’s clientele have disability in their family.

With their life experience in raising sons with ASD & ID, it is no wonder clients come to Marg and Lee knowing they don’t have to explain their child, and as one client put it “you just get it”.