Duncan.Legal is a vibrant, friendly, down-to-earth law firm that is based in Balwyn, Melbourne. We attend to the unique circumstances and needs of a diverse client base. Some of our clients include families with a disabled member, persons who are separated or divorced, same sex couples with non-biological children, blended families, persons with a terminal illness or a significant injury and elderly clients.

We also provide excellent legal guidance to Attorneys, Administrators, Guardians or Executors who are appointed to make decisions for others or to administer trusts and estates. We pride ourselves on delivering our legal services with energy, professionalism and a whole lot of heart!

At Duncan.Legal, we believe that the greatest of human freedoms is the power to choose one’s attitude to any given set of circumstances, including planning for a time mental capacity is compromised or lost. We are also about respecting and protecting choices once made. Whatever your legal needs, let Duncan.Legal make it a gentle journey for you.

Payment Instalment Plans

Duncan.Legal understands that the current economic climate is difficult but we also know the importance of ensuring that your Wills and Powers of Attorney are up-to-date. To ease the cost of Estate Planning at this time, Duncan.Legal is providing the option of Payment Instalment Plans. Instalments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly, at a rate that you can comfortably manage.

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